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Coaching Education USSF Grassroots Courses Scheduled

Coaching Education USSF Grassroots Courses Scheduled

Soccer-RI is hosting two USSF Grassroots Coaching Courses:

4v4 Coaching License

March 24, 2018

8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Flat River Gym

1675A Flat River Rd.

Coventry, RI


7v7 Coaching License

March 18, 2018

1:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Flat River Gym

1675A Flat River Rd.

Coventry, RI


The lead instructor for both courses is Carla DeSantis.


For more information and to register for a course, please visit the USSF Digital Coaching Center (DCC) at  All coaching licenses candidates are required to establish an account in the USSF DCC in order to registering for a course.  For those coaches who already have an account at the DCC, you will need to log in to your account to register for a course

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US Soccer C License Courses Announced

In the coming months, Massachusetts Youth Soccer will be hosting 2 C license courses in Lancaster. 


U.S. Soccer National LicenseNational C License: April – July

Lancaster, MA

Course Meeting – April 15 – 22, 2018 (1st Phase)

Development Period – April 16, 2018– July 12, 2018

Assessment Meeting – July 13-15, 2018 (2nd Phase)

Click here for registration and information on the DCC


National C License: July – November

Lancaster, MA

Course Meeting – July 21-28, 2018 (1st Phase)

Development Period – July 22, 2018– November 15, 2018

Assessment Meeting – November 16-18  (2nd Phase)

Click here for registration and information on the DCC



The U.S. Soccer Coaching Department was established in the early 1970s by famed West German teacher and coach, Dettmar Cramer. Each level of the U.S. Soccer Coaching License Pathway is designed to meet the needs of coaches ranging from the coach who is inexperienced in soccer to the former professional player who desires to coach in amateur, professional or international competitions. The U.S. Soccer coaching curriculum is designed to improve development of players in the organized player base in the United States, concentrating on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaching practices and creating an environment that is fun for the players. For more information on the new coaching license sturcture visit the US Soccer Coaching Development website at

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Grassroots Coaching License Courses UPDATE
U.S. Soccer


CHICAGO (Feb. 2, 2018) - U.S. Soccer, in collaboration with its member organizations, will begin conducting four new in-person Grassroots License Courses as well as the updated D License Course in the coming weeks. Each of these educational opportunities are hosted by U.S. Soccer member organizations and are tailored around the four new Grassroots game models: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. These course options will offer coaches the chance to learn more about how to develop a player-centered approach to coaching.

Spanning 4-hours in length, each in-person Grassroots Course consists of both classroom and field-based sessions. Coaches will learn more about U.S. Soccer's Coaching Education philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, and the Six Tasks of a Grassroots Coach among other topics. The newly revamped D License is a culmination of all four game models and an extension of the Grassroots courses. After completion of the Grassroots Courses, coaches will have the knowledge and tools to positively impact their player and the environment in which they interact.

Interested coaches may begin with any in-person grassroots course of their choosing following the completion of the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module, which is offered in U.S. Soccer's Digital Coaching Center. For information regarding schedule, pricing and availability of an in-person Grassroots Course, prospective coaches should contact their local member organization directly.

"Grassroots is where soccer begins. These early experiences spark a child's love for the game. As a parent or coach, these courses will help build those positive experiences," said U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Education, Nico Romeijn. "If you are completely new to coaching or the game of soccer, this is a tremendous opportunity to further your knowledge of how to teach children to learn and love the game. For the experienced coach or former player, this is an opportunity to provide a more structured approach based on the needs of the players. In both cases, the focus is on the player and how to ensure that player is able to learn, grow and have fun playing soccer."

Together with U.S. Soccer, member organizations are committed to improving the experience and level of youth players through empowering coaches with low-barrier, easily accessible education.

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Two ODP Players selected for International Play
Congratulations to Marlon Monterroso (Boys 2003) and Lena Lukowicz (Girls 2003) who have each been selected to represent the East Region on international tours this winter/spring. Marlon will travel to Scotland with the Boys 2003 roster in April and Lena will be off to Ireland with the Girls 2003 roster in March.

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Time is running out. Submit your nominations today.



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