Focused on promoting soccer and developing players of varied skills at the youth level, while providing administrative support to the leagues, clubs and teams in Rhode Island.

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What is the State Soccer Academy Program?


The State Soccer Academy was formed in Rhode Island as a supplemental training program aimed at developing the younger players (ages 8-12) within the state, while also serving as a pathway to the ODP program. State Soccer Academy provides high-level training that benefits and enhances the development of players at all levels; and, through the use of carefully selected and licensed coaches, develops a mechanism for the exchange of ideas and curriculum to improve all levels of coaching.

How do I participate?

Contact to find out more about getting involved with State Soccer Academy

The State Soccer Academy Evaluation Process

The State Soccer Academy holds Initial Evaluations on an annual basis. Age Groups and evaluation dates are typically posted to the SRI Calendar 2-3 months in advance. Your first contact should be to your State Association for evaluation information.

How are Players Selected?

The State Soccer Academy is focused on development, which means players are grouped and trained according to ability. Groups are formed through an evaluation process, which begins at the opening evaluation session (typically in August). These evaluation are conducted by state association coaches who are recognized for their ability to identify and train players. The state association head coach or State Coach will, in most cases, be assisted in the selection process by several other qualified coaches from the club or league level. Players are evaluated on the four components that make up a soccer player:

1. Technique

2. Tactics

3. Fitness and Athletic Ability

4. Psychological Component (attitude)

What are the Benefits of Participating in State Soccer Academy?

1. Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play in an environment that will push your skills to another level.

2. Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.

3. Exposure to regional and national team coaches.

4. The opportunity to represent one's state in competition.